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I Served Stickers

About "I Served" Stickers

This effort started with a simple concept - we wanted to provide a smallOrder -i -served -graphic -png -250 "thank you" to those who have sacrificed for our nation's security. These stickers provide a way for you to identify yourself so others can also recognize you and say thanks.


Over the past several years, we have distributed more than 600,000 stickers to recognize those who served. In the beginning, we offered stickers for those who served in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Vietnam. Now we also are pleased to recognize those who served in Korea, WWII, and Desert Storm.


The mission continues... and it's one small way we can say "thanks" and help others do the same. Order your sticker today.


How "I Served" Stickers Became Reality

The first stickers were created in 2009 by Scott Kreger to recognize those who served in Iraq, Afghanistan and Vietnam. The program, which was passed to Operation Homefront in 2011, has expanded to include World War II, Korea, and Desert Storm. To date, approximately 100,000 stickers are sent monthly to service men and women and veterans around the world.


"We are committed to continuing to make the stickers available for free to those who served," said Jim Knotts, president and CEO of Operation Homefront. Over time, thousands have made donations, and 100 percent of those keep the program going.


Ordering Your Sticker

I -served -sticker -veteran -operation -homefront -1Click here to order an "I Served" sticker. When you submit your order, two stickers will be sent to you. If you need bulk quantities, use the option on the order form for larger amounts of stickers.


When you receive your stickers, please send us a photograph of you next your vehicle or displayed sticker and include a little information about your time in service to our country. We'd love to share it on our Facebook or Pinterest page.


Most of all, thank you for all of the sacrifices you have made or currently make on behalf of the citizens of our country. These stickers are just a simple reminder for those around you to recognize and support your service. It's the least we can do.


Send us a picture of you with your sticker and your story to socialnet@operationhomefront.net for our Facebook or Pinterest pages.


Questions? Contact Valentin Shafer at 210-549-4624.

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