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Karen Pedals For Operation Homefront

On Friday November 2, we welcomed Karen Bartlett to OH Villages San Antonio. Karen left her home in Sacramento, CA on September 22, 2012 and set off on her bike to ride 2,799 miles to Jacksonville, FL. This ride is raising money for Operation Homefront as well as awareness and support for  veterans. 

Karen was greeted with cheers and hugs from our families at the village as well as chicken wings from Hooters who so graciously provided food for this event. We asked Karen what has been the hardest part of her journey? She said that loneliness is the hardest part. Missing her husband, friends and family as she rides alone battling the heat of the south, the fog of the pacific, coyotes, and road detours.

She has been amazed by the kindness of strangers who have stopped to wish her well. Karen has already completed 75% of her ride and plans to arrive in Jacksonville, FL November 30th. We wish Karen a safe journey as she completes her ride and we are thankful for her dedication and support to veterans. You can view photos from her visit on our facebook page at: www.facebook.com/OHVillages

For more information on Karen's ride please visit her facebook page and website at: