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Texas Based Company Supports Texas Military Families

Ascendant Engineering Solutions, a small company based out of Austin, Texas, discovered Operation Homefront of Texas through one of their own, a veteran himself, who expressed the needs of the military community.  Jon Noeth, President of Ascendant Engineering Solutions, along with his employees, feel it is extremely important to help military families due to the loss of income as those in the military community transition in and out of their service and the many challenges military families face due to the separation of space these families face.

Since their initial contact with Operation Homefront of Texas, they have supported programs and services by donating $9,550.00 in financial support.  With their most recent gift, they have chosen to help support the 2012 Back to School Brigade for over 4,400 military children in Texas by helping to purchase a portion of the backpacks and school supplies needed to prepare these students for a successful upcoming school year. 

Noeth said, "Because the military is an all-volunteer force, they sacrifice more than most anyone appreciates.  Anything we can do helps them and makes all of our own lives better."

Ascendant Engineering Solutions was founded in 2005 as a way to bring a culmination of engineering backgrounds into one company for the improvement of defense, medical, and commercial engineering needs.  With over 60% of their business going to the Department of Defense, this company seeks to give back to the military community that supports their company's endeavors.  

Noeth has also strived to instill a sense of community and charity for over thirty company employees.  He explained that the company's principals like to encourage individual volunteerism and charitable efforts by helping to fund employee's personal causes that are near and dear to their hearts.

Noeth hopes to continue to give back to Operation Homefront of Texas and the military community by direct support of the military service members that may be struggling with their emergency needs and morale programs.  He also looks forward to increasing the visibility of the needs of the military community and the mission of Operation Homefront of Texas through the connection with their company.